A day in Florence with OXYDO


My Pitti experience was different this year. Compared with the previous editions I spent much more time visiting Florence with a new friend, Linda Tol, and the fantastic OXYDO team. Linda and I visited the city wearing sunglasses from the new OXYDO capsule collection designed by Clemence Seilles, the French artist that turned sunglasses into outright sculptures. This is exactly why we chose Florence’s most iconic and artistic places for the shoot, as the style of the OXYDO LAB sunglasses perfectly matches Florence’s marmoreal architecture. Moreover, one of the models is called Ponte Vecchio, so what better place to take a picture? If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen a preview.

The OXYDO LAB capsule collection was presented at the Pitti fair, and that’s where our day in Florence started. We discovered and tried on all the models, then we took them with us around the city. As you can see from the pictures, these sunglasses emphasize dimensions. Their geometric cuts recall architectural forms and sculptural sections. I can assure you that Linda and I were quite noticeable during our shooting! 😉 After the Pitti, we visited the Opera House (you can recognize it from the staircase), then we moved on to the Ponte Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery and finally the Cathedral. We were really astonished at the amount of incredible monuments around us. Italy really is a beautiful place, don’t you think? For the shooting, I chose an outfit that recalled the colors of the architecture and the sculptures of Florence, and I let the OXYDO LAB sunglasses give my look just a hint of shock and fashion. If you also think that one accessory is sufficient to completely change an outfit, then let me tell you that the OXYDO LAB sunglasses are available in concept stores and in retail outlets all around the world. Should you see them, tag @oxydosociety 😎 oxydo-oxydo-safilo-gian-maria-sainato-fashion-blogger-influencer-pitti-2016-firenze-florence-gianmaria-00002 oxydo-linda-tol-eyewear-florence-pitti-2016-firenze-outfit-fashion- oxydo-oxydo-safilo-gian-maria-sainato-fashion-blogger-influencer-pitti-2016-firenze-florence-gianmaria-00001 oxydo-oxydo-safilo-linda-tol-fashion-blogger-fashion-week-influencer-outfit-eyewear-pitti-2016-florence-firenze-00001 oxydo-oxydo-safilo-gian-maria-sainato-fashion-blogger-influencer-pitti-2016-firenze-florence-gianmaria-00004 oxydo-oxydo-safilo-gian-maria-sainato-fashion-blogger-influencer-pitti-2016-firenze-florence-gianmaria-00005 oxydo-oxydo-safilo-linda-tol-fashion-blogger-fashion-week-influencer-outfit-eyewear-pitti-2016-florence-firenze-00002oxydo-firenze-ponte-vecchio- oxydo-oxydo-safilo-gian-maria-sainato-fashion-blogger-influencer-pitti-2016-firenze-florence-gianmaria-00006 oxydo-oxydo-safilo-linda-tol-fashion-blogger-fashion-week-influencer-outfit-eyewear-pitti-2016-florence-firenze-00003 oxydo-oxydo-safilo-linda-tol-fashion-blogger-fashion-week-influencer-outfit-eyewear-pitti-2016-florence-firenze-00004 oxydo-oxydo-safilo-linda-tol-fashion-blogger-fashion-week-influencer-outfit-eyewear-pitti-2016-florence-firenze-gian-maria-sainato-00001 oxydo-oxydo-safilo-linda-tol-fashion-blogger-fashion-week-influencer-outfit-eyewear-pitti-2016-florence-firenze-00005oxydo-oxydo-safilo-linda-tol-fashion-blogger-fashion-week-influencer-outfit-eyewear-pitti-2016-florence-firenze-gian-maria-sainato-00002