ACQUA WOOD is the new Collistar fragrance. A man who wears Collistar is a fickle and boisterous esthete. He’s never the same. Naturally prone to distinctive marks, he finds in ACQUA WOOD the answer to what he was looking for. But this creation wouldn’t be whole without a woman: Daphné Bugey. She’s the one interpreting the manliest of marks: wood. A woody-aromatic-spicy fragrance, that begins fresh and vibrant, with just a hint of bergamot, lemon leaves and a pungent touch of black pepper, that slowly slides into an intense and magnetic core, dominated by the aromatic notes of salvia, lavender and balsamic touches of laudanum. Meanwhile, the end gives off audacity and seduction thanks to its innovative mixture of cedar, sandalwood, guaiacum and musk. This is where the circle is complete, virility and elegance are blended, marking the scent of the fragrance.

 Apart from the ACQUA WOOD Eau de Toilette (100 ml and 50 ml bottles) there are also 2 other specialties for a male “beauty routine”: shower shampoo and deodorant. A small case that I can no longer live without! 🙂



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