I just came back to Milan and I already feel nostalgic while I’m writing this post for the wonderful days that I spent with S. Pellegrino and friends in Cannes. ✈️ 🌴

Last Friday I arrived in Cannes from Milan with S. Pellegrino team, journalists and international influencers. We all stayed at the Marriot hotel, a very famous hotel just above the “croisette” of Cannes, from there all the events organised by S. Pellegrino started, included two very important events: the film preview of Gualtiero Marchesi and the stunning dinner organised in his honour. The film preview has been wonderful, to me the story of one of the most important of the world was very touching, he is incredible! Talking about food and kitchen made me very hungry when I left the theatre but this feeling lasted just few minutes because afterwards we started an aperitif and then a dinner on the terrace of Radisson Blu. The dinner has been prepared by three Italian star chef, famous worldwide: Carlo Cracco, Davide Oldani and Andrea Berton. It is useless to tell you how everything was tasteful and how many delicacies I had, it would be pointless. 🍽 🍤

I spent Saturday visiting Cannes and I was very thrilled for the red carpet that night and the premiere of “You Were Never Really Here”, a very strong and intense yet touching film, you have to watch it all at once. The following day we said goodbye to Cannes and we came back to Milan, I was a little bit sad to leave but I was very happy and excited for the wonderful weekend, thank you S. Pellegrino! 📽😊