Dolce & Gabbana #LightBlueJourney in Capri (DAY 1)


When I received the invitation from Dolce & Gabbana for participating to the exclusive journey in Capri, I cannot believe it was true! The trip was organized in order to discover the island and the wonderful origins beyond the iconic fragrance Light Blue. I’m very attached to this Italian brand, and it is one of my favourites. Furthermore, since I was born in Campania, Capri is also part of my roots and it is the island that I love the most.

Few days after, I was already leading to Naples and when I arrived to the Grand Hotel Parker’s, I found Alexandra Pereira (the Spanish blogger of e Kadu Dantas (the Brazilian blogger of waiting for me there. We had a fast lunch for celebrating our meeting and then we went to the harbour, where the boat for Capri was ready for departure. The sea is part of me and get in the boat after so much time made me feeling several emotions and a little bit sentimental. Once we arrived in Capri, the driver brought us from the seaport to the Hotel Quisisana, the most famous and prestigious hotel in Capri – it is like a dream! -. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the beauty of the Island during the route. I had just some hours of rest and then me and my companions met in the hotel hall for having dinner together and for getting to know each other. In fact, after few hours we already were good friends. We discussed about our job, our ambitions and our passion for fashion that we have in common and, for sure, our passion for Dolce & Gabbana. We had also the opportunity to meet Mimmo The Dog, the adorable Labrador of Stefano Gabbana who joined us in Capri. When I was coming back to my room, ready for going to bed, I have found a wonderful surprise on my bedside table: a bottle of “Light Blue” fragrance. 🍋 🍊 🌞 🌴 😃


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