#GetItOnChallenge by PEPE JEANS LONDON


Are you ready for the Pepe Jeans London #GetItOnChallenge?

To celebrate the innovative Powerflex fabric, Pepe Jeans London will be launching from the 26th of april to the 26th of may the #GetItOnChallenge, a fun challenge where you could win the innovative Powerflex jeans!

Winning a pair of Powerflex jeans is simple! All you have to do is film yourself as you put on a pair of jeans without using your hands, then upload the video on www.getitonchallenge.com and share it using these hashtags: #GetItOnChallenge and #PepeJeans.

#Powerflex by Pepe Jeans is a new and innovative stretchy fabric that maintains its form and provides comfort thanks to its elasticity.

Don’t forget to challenge your friends to see if they can do it better or with more style! 😉👖