Second day in Paris, our destination is Disneyland! 😀 We’re going to enter a fairy, magical world, a world full of futuristic technology, a world that has fascinated me from when I was little and that fascinates me still now.

The first welcoming image is of an enchanted castle, surrounded by an endless group of Disney “characters” who move among bats and orange pumpkins full of candies for Halloween. A short visit to the magical land of “Pinocchio”, another one in space with the characters of “Star Wars” (my favorite) and a boat tour in search of childhood tales amongst evil witches, princesses, gnomes, wizards and fairies. The dancing parades with Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and other historical Disney characters were magnificent. A whirlwind of colors and sounds, all I can say is everyone should consider going, because images are not enough to describe such a place… 😉

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