GMS hotel experience: Westin Palace in Milan

When I’m traveling, I always pay attention to the hotel where I’ll be staying, no matter where I’m going. Spending the night in a good hotel is very important for me: high-quality security, comfort and service are essential. This week, because of Fashion Week, I opted for a place in the city center, seeing as how I live just outside Milan. I chose The Westin Palace, one of the most important and historic luxury hotels in the city. Apart from its indisputable beauty and grandeur, The Westin Palace has wonderful rooms, like the Grand Contemporary Room where I stayed these last few days. Staying at The Westin Palace is always a great and unique pleasure! 🏛 GIAN wes49ex-89663-Hotel-ExteriorDeluxe_room_westin_palace_milanThe-lounge-bar-westin-palace gian-maria-sainato-westin-palace-hotel-hotels-fashion-influencer-cool-hairstyle-capelli-gianmaria- gian-maria-sainato-westin-palace-hotel-hotels-fashion-influencer-cool-hairstyle-capelli-gianmaria-breakfast- The_Westin_Palace_Milan_Hotel_Room_Deluxe_Bathroom The-Lounge-Bar-Smoking-Lounge-Westin-Milan