HELLO ZALANDO! (Gian Maria goes to Berlin)


“Zalando would like to invite you to participate to an unique experience: Zalando in Berlin.” This it was written in the invitation that I received from one of the major fashion e-commerce in Europe, a dimension and reality that I have been always interested in investigating and discovering more in depth. In fact, how could I even think to decline an invitation like this?! So, few days ago, I flew from Milan to Berlin, where the headquarters of the giant German company is established. I arrived the day before the event; I had a small walk around the centre of this metropolitan full of history and culture and, then, I relaxed in the hotel. The next morning I could not wait to start the tour! I met 15 bloggers from all over Europe in the hotel lobby, and we headed to Zalando’s headquarters. We have been greeted with a very warm welcome from the team, with whom we spent the whole day together, from the breakfast served in a very suggestive location and during the interesting presentation of this new reality in the fashion industry, which developed internationally in just a few years. It has been said that sometimes the details are considered the greatest part in terms of the value added and, in this case, the organization of the event was exemplary. Zalando has been able to create a presentation addressed to the blogger guests in a very comprehensive way, combining games and quizzes and stimulating our interest with appealing information and, above all, making us laugh and have fun! Indeed, what I saw later on made me truly feel privileged: I had the exclusive access to places not open to the public and now I am able to describe them to you. The guided tour though each department in the headquarters, in fact, made me definitely aware of how much expertise this e-commerce involves. While visiting the creative department and production, then the photography, the packaging and marketing department, I realized how amazing is how much work there is beyond the parcel that simply arrives at our place.

After a tasty lunch during the break, we visited another Zalando’s office in the centre of Berlin (there are 6 offices around the city) in the afternoon, where the world of the brand Kiomi has been introduced to us. Again, we have been welcomed nicely and all the bloggers received personalized handbags and a set of items from where we had the opportunity to pick our favourite ones. Then, also delicious cookies have been offered by Zalando: I do not need to say that I could not resist to them and I had a good serving (you know that I consider all the cookies delicious!).😋

Once I came back to the hotel, I rested for few hours and then I started to get ready for the dinner, which took place in a stunning restaurant: from the outstanding design that made the atmosphere absolutely impressive, to the kitchen. We had traditional and delicious traditional dinner from Berlin that we all appreciated a lot, with many courses, from the dessert to main plates, which were extremely good.

During the dinner, we talked and chatted a lot and we had a lot of fun taking pictures and joking. Around midnight, we came back to the hotel and the next morning everyone took the plane to your destination. For instance, I came back for Milan.

This experience has been truly unique and unforgettable and also has fulfilled my curiosity concerning discovering the world of Zalando. I am glad to being able to tell you this experience. I would like to thank the whole team who worked throughout the entire event and I hope to see you soon!  😮 😃 ✈️ 🇩🇪




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