Luca Tommassini has designed an incredible capsule collection for Hip Hop, which includes three watches. One of these styles is a limited edition and there are an hundred pieces available only for Luca’s friends. Hip Hop has been always synonym of amazement, discovery, innovation, irony and creativity to be worn. The collection “dreamer” has been inspired by the above-mentioned values and manifests in both tangible and intangible way the visionary talent of Luca Tommassini, who is a real dreamer.

The elaborated design created exclusively for the straps of the two Hip Hop watches have simple strokes, stylized shapes, freehand drawings which disclose thoughts and emotions. Two watches that are one the opposite of the other one: black and white, but at the same time they are complementary and absolutely special in their essentiality. Made with contrasting silicon straps printed with the technique “water transfer” and a bezel made by IP black steel, the watch-face is composed of two levels which outline the shape of a star in the center. And again a star has a prominent role in the limited edition watch designed and created by Luca, which is a tribute to who he considers the ultimate pop star: David Bowie. Deliberately designed with an oversized fit and made of soft silicone material which protects the “total black” watch case, only hundred pieces have been produced. “Super cool” and absolutely “strong”! 😉 ⌚️ ★

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