Hybrid Smartwatches by FOSSIL


Connection and union are the key words to describe the fusion between watch and our smartphone.

Today I want to talk to you about a trendy smartwatch, which embodies both technology and design: the FOSSIL Hybrid Smartwatch, created by the leading brand in the world of watchmaking. The smartwatch is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth and communicates with it in order to exchange data. In this way, you can receive different types of notifications directly to the smartwatch through slight vibration or movement of the hands. Moreover, the integrated activity monitoring allows you to track your daily actions such as: steps, distances and calories burned, which are very useful information for all those who train very often like me. This smartwatch is very convenient, especially when all these features are included in only one small and light tool that is always with us on the wrist, which gives also a touch of style. The battery has a duration of 6 months and the smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS! ⌚ 📲