From doing sports to traveling, from leisure time to work, technology becomes essential in every moment of the day.

It has always been a topic that fascinates me and I am very careful in following the latest news, especially when technology becomes a glamorous accessory such as the ICON COLLECTION by Puro, a collection of accessories, which allows everyone to express themselves in the best way!

The collection is made by 12 soft-touch phone cases available 12 colours and each of them represent different emotions.

Furthermore, a series of accessories makes you able to match the phone case and complete the “mood of the day”.

Today I’ve chosen the blue ICON phone case “Serenity” and I’ve matched it with awesome green headphones, which are remotely controlled and have a super comfortable no-tangle cord.

If you want to discover all the other nuances and the specifications of the products above-mentioned, please check www.puro.it/it/icon-collection 🎧 📱


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