My suncare products by COLLISTAR


Finally I can go to the beach! I love enjoying the sun and the sea, having my drink under the beach umbrella, going out on the boat…I love the summer! One of the main reasons why we go to the beach is the suntan. During the summer, everyone likes to tan – as I did today – but it is important to do it in a proper and save manner and with the right high-quality products. Even if the appearance is important, the health is hardly less so. The most famous and most effective products, which I have been using for many years, are the high-quality suncare products by Collistar. Today I want to introduce you some products that I brought with me at the beach for both accelerating the tanning process and protecting my skin. 😎  ☀️ 🏝

Supertanning water moisturizing anti-salt. It accelerates and intensifies the tanning, moisturizes and fights the drying effect of the sun, wind and sea salt and gives an instant freshness, softness and wellness.

Tanning and moisturizing spray ultra-rapid application (water resistant). It is transparent, ultra-fresh and easy to apply on the body. It penetrates instantly, dries immediately and leaves the skin incredibly soft, elastic and moisturized.

Supertanning magic Oil gel. Oil gel is a gel that gives a wonderful skin colour to those who wants to tan quickly. The walnut and the carrot oils intensify the suntan and facilitate the pigmentation process for all skin types.

Regarding the protection, in particular for the sensitive skins like mine, I would recommend you the following products:

Active protection sun cream. All the pleasure and the safety of an ultra-soft cream are embedded in this product. The multi active cellular protection is the result of the combination of three active principles: the Lutein, which is a precious anti-oxidant, Vitamin E and a particular biosaccharide that reduces and mitigates inflammatory processes.

Active protection sun face cream. It is specific for the face and, thanks to the presence of Carnosine, which is substance that prevents the degradation of collagen, and the other proteins which increase skin’s elasticity and compactness, for instance the extract of Citrus, it is also effective against the formation of sun spots. It is ideal for eye contour, neck and hands.

Stick Solare. Extremely easy-to-apply and ultra-emollient, the stick is a concentrate of plant waxes and sweet almond and calendula oils, which protect from the drying effect of the sun and the sea salt. It is specifically designed for the most exposed areas such as nose, lips and eye contour. Furthermore, it is perfect for protecting tattoos.

In the evening, after the shower, even if the skin has been protected with adequately care, it is important to moisturize again the skin and refresh it.

After sun 24 hour moisturization spray (tan prolonger). It is easy and rapid to use thanks to the micro-vaporizer, and leaves the skin soft and smooth, with a pleasant feeling of freshness and comfort. It contains precious moisturizing ingredients, vitamin E and phytoextracts, which restore sunburns and red skin.

After-sun anti-wrinkle face treatment. A regenerating and repair treatment designed especially for the skin of the face after the sun exposure. Thanks to the synergy of stem cells of “Centella asiatica” and important active principles, it protects the cell DNA and stimulates the self-repair processes of the skin, preventing so the wrinkles and skin ageing.


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