Leffe, Belgian abbey beer born more than 770 years ago (in 1240) thanks to the commitment of a group of Norbertini monks, produced the bottle #leffepernorcia, a limited edition of Leffe Blonde. Distributed exclusively in Italy, the limited edition is the central element of the initiative designed by Belgian beer to help Benedictine monks in Norcia to rebuild what they have lost in the last earthquake of August 24 and October 26.

All the proceeds generated by the sale of the bottles #leffepernorcia were donated to Benedictines to build a wooden chapel in San Benedetto in Monte, a small town just outside the city walls of Norcia. The chapel will be an anti-seismic structure accessible to all the inhabitants of Norcia in which monks can celebrate Mass, welcome the faithful, give solace or just listen to those who are in trouble. This is the first stage of a larger project that will lead to the construction of the definitive abbey. The project was born as an act of solidarity towards the community affected by the earthquake, but also as a sign of a strong commonality between the two orders, united not only by religious practice but also by a shared interest in beer. #Leffepernorcia bottles in distribution are one hundred thousand, it’s easy to recognize them on the shelves: instead of the traditional bottle, this version is covered with a white wrapper containing project informations.

“AB InBev, the international group that includes Leffe, has started to give it aid to areas affected by the earthquake by sending cans containing water to be distributed to earthquake victims and rescuers. Now, however, we want to do even more – says Davide Franzetti, Managing Director of AB InBev Italia. – Leffe was born centuries ago from the idea and from the hands of a few friars; when we learned of the damage that the Norcia monks suffered because of the earthquake, the thought of looking for a way to support them was immediate. With the project #leffepernorcia we want to help them find the normality again.”

Before the earthquake, the Benedictine monks lived in the city, in the historic San Benedetto Monastery, that, according to tradition, was the home of the saints Benedict and Scolastica. In the structure there was a small community of international origins, consisting of about 15 young monks (the average age is 30 years). Because of the injuries suffered by the Monastery in the city, the group was forced to leave the city and a move to the Monastery of St. Benedict in Mount, where it is currently underway the construction of a new abbey where monks will live. The main hope of the monks is however, the whole reconstruction of the historic center. You will be able to see the work progress and have all the information, by clicking the link www.leffepernorcia.it

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