LOOKCAST – “A cool new way to create digital lookbooks”



The fashion world is all about great visual stories. If you follow me you know that every day and every outfit is the opportunity for a new style story. So I was excited when I recently discovered LOOKCAST, a revolutionary visual storytelling application, founded in the USA and based in Italy, that allows you to create beautiful, interactive digital content. LOOKCAST allows designers, fashion brands and bloggers to create stunning digital lookbooks in minutes and send them via social network, email, or place them directly on the pages of style blogs. The style of the lookbook is fully customizable and the blogger or designer can load the details of each outfit (including links to buy) into hotspots to keep the aesthetics of our photos clean. Not only that, the lookbooks link to your other social media platforms and they show you product and image statistics, so you can track metrics and measure the success and interest generated by each outfit and story. LOOKCAST takes lookbooks to a whole new level. Their company was founded by designers, so their lookbooks aren’t just a simple slideshow of pictures, but an interactive experience, and a serious tool for sales and marketing for the fashion world. Checkout my Gian Maria Sainato for LOOKCAST lookbook. And if you are a designer, stylist or blogger, try it yourself at www.lookcast.com. GIAN

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