My online shopping on (New outfit)


A few weeks ago, in one of my posts, I told you that I did some interesting shopping on In particular, want to present you two outfits: the first one designed by Fendi, Incotex and Lanvin (if you want to check it again click here) and now I’m going to present you the the second one.

While the first look was more casual and more elegant, this look is sportier: cotton sweatshirt (perfect for both the spring days and the fresh summer nights), jeans and sneakers. It is super comfortable for a relaxed Sunday walk, as I did today. This outfit is sporty and comfortable yet colorful and rich of designs; for instance, take a look to the graffiti on my Kenzo sweatshirt and the rainbow that is both below and to the sides of the soles of my Dolce & Gabbana sneakers.

With great entusiasm I suggest you to visit and purchase oncoltortiboutique.comUse the code “clothing25” for a fantastic 25% discount! Bear in mind that the promotion is valid until the 30th of June!





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