“ARTS OF ITALY” (artsofitaly.ovs.it/project) is a project created by OVS which aims to raise awareness about the protection and the enhancement  of the Italian artistic capital. It consists in a journey throughout the origins of the immense artistic and cultural Italian heritage. The ambitious objective allows OVS to put a stress to the less well-known Italian Art creating a limited edition collection and devolving financial resources in order to revive monuments with an inestimable historical value.

The project is very innovative and interesting, and I was very impressed when I heard about it.  Since I am very passionated about fashion, art and cultural initiatives, I have decided to share this project with you on my blog and on social media platforms wearing an outfit from the collection “Arts of Italy”: the shirt is inspired by the geometric motif which decorates the flooring Mosaic of the Tablinum, the state room in Villa Romana di Russi in Ravenna (artsofitaly.ovs.it/works/villaromanadirussi).

“Arts of Italy” is a journey which OVS, the Italian leader of fast fashion retail, experienced far and wide in our country seeking for splendors and inspirations. As consequence, the company has been able to illustrate the  Italian artistic heritage with a really high attention to details: a decoration, an embellishment, a marbled veining, the pieces of a Mosaic.

This limited edition capsule was born in this magical contingency and has a really great visive impact thanks to the commitment of OVS creative team, which has been inspired by some Italian artworks.

The collection offers both womenswear and menswear, and it is available only in some selected OVS stores and online on ovs.it. 🇮🇹  🏛  


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