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Jeans are one of the most popular clothes in the world. Worn by all of us on a daily basis, we can apply it to any kind of look for any occasion, mainly due to its practicality, resistance and independently recognisable and unique style.

Each and every one of us has some jeans in their wardrobe, even if we are always (and rightly so) on the lookout for some new denim trends. Indeed, it’s a good thing; style changes and brands’ innovations are continuous. That’s why today I wanted to talk to you about one of my favourite brands – global leaders in the denim industry: REPLAY.

My new jeans which I was telling you about (and you can even see in this post) are indeed made by REPLAY. 👖

They are the Jeans Slim Fit Anbass from REPLAY’s Hyperflex Collection: Slim fit men’s jeans with five pockets. Resin-treated denim from 11.5oz with a dark wash. Thanks to the innovative Hyperflex technology that unites lycra, polyester and cotton, the fabric doesn’t yield and wear out through use, guaranteeing plenty of freedom of movement and an authentic denim look: a waist with regular fit, a slightly narrow leg, sandpapered whiskers and creasing, gull-wing stitching on the coin pocket and contrasting cord around the belt loop, button and zipper closing and 3D crease finishing.

I had ordered it the other day from REPLAY’s website and it arrived to my home in just a few days with an excellent postal service. Purchasing, package tracking, packaging, everything was done to perfection – simply and quickly!

Once it had arrived to my home, I ran straight to my room in front of the mirror and I didn’t hesitate one bit to wear it right away!

My first sensations once I wore them? SUPER COMFORT (and excitement)! 😃

The truest comodity (with respect to other clothes) isn’t really the first thing that one would generally expect from a jeans, that’s why once I wore these from REPLAY, I was very pleased and satisfied by their comfort, lightness and elasticity. They’re a real pleasure for those that, like me, enjoy wearing jeans often.

Apart from the great comfort and quality of the fabrics, the style perfectly completes these amazing jeans: the dark wash type is my favourite out of all the new denim trends, I find it pretty elegant or “smart” as a style. I can apply it to any look: casual, sporty, and even to a casual-chic look like, for example, jeans and a shirt or else jeans, t-shirt and blazer. Anyway, I can’t wait to try them on with various looks!

Today, for example, I simply wore them with a t-shirt and I can say that they perfectly match together!

I am so satisfied to finally have a pair of jeans that I can wear with summer pleasure, and not only that, but for me it is one of the best men’s jeans that I have ever worn! 👌🏻