This summer’s trend will be the coloured shirts with white stripes! Shirts just like the one which I am wearing today made by the historically famous tailors at Sartoria Margutti.

I got this shirt on the brand’s website at and I’ll explain how! 👔

I started creating this shirt from scratch: the fabric (by Cotonificio Albini), the colours, its fit, the collar, the buttons, the cuffs – everything! Naturally, being a personalised shirt, even my measurements were taken down to the centimetre!

My Margutti shirt arrived at my home just a few days after the order was placed in a very neat package. Elegant, but also rigid and containing, my shirt arrived in immaculate condition and without any creases, all ready to be worn!

Sometimes you may get dubious when it comes to the measurements of clothing that is purchased online whilst not having tried it in the store, but believe me when I say (you can also see it in the photos!) the measurements of this shirt are perfect and they are the ones I inserted during the making of the shirt itself on the website

Even the slightly tight fit was just what I wanted and that was what I had selected on the brand’s website when I was ordering. If we’re going to talk about Cotonificio Albini’s fabric, it is of a very high quality (this can already be seen at first sight): soft, comfortable and well compacted between the points of the neck, shoulders, bust and arms. Therefore, it is a fabric that adds style to its comfort and quality. Long story short, my friends, I was extremely satisfied with my personalised Margutti shirt! 👌 ! 👌🏼




Via Roma, 14 Città di Castello (Perugia) – ITALY

Phone: +39075 8555903




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