I love shoes! Many of you already knew it: I own every single styles and colors of shoes for every look and occasions. During my business meetings this Saturday morning, I wore a pair of Scarosso shoes. They are perfect through and through: fabric, color, comfort, lightness. Indeed, high quality is definitely the key word for all Scarosso shoes that I have learned to know and appreciate over the years. The model I wore for this outfit is the handmade Scarosso Derbies for men in Bordeaux color (one of my favorite color for footwear) that I have perfectly matched with a classic blue trousers, a fancy belt, a white t-shirt, a classic jacket and blue sunglasses in “aviator” style. These shoes can be easily matched with a great variety of styles. They are the perfect final touch to add to a formal or elegant look in order to not be too classic. Furthermore, they are great for the health of our feet since they are comfortable, light and semi-soft shoes.  👞

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