Last weekend I went to Verona to come and visit some friends I hadn’t seen for a long time. I have been to Verona many times in my life, but it’s always nice to come back. It’s a city rich in culture, history and romanticism: the Arena, Romeo & Juliet’s house, the river Adige… Unfortunately, it was raining when we arrived, that’s why we decided to spend some time at the “Le corti Venete” shopping mall, where I found a very interesting multi-brand shop: “Pellizzari“. I immediately fixed my eyes on three big brands which perfectly represent my style: Armani Jeans, Jeckerson and Woodrich. For each one of them, I tried on and bought three outfits in the end: a casual, sporty and denim one by Armani Jeans for the morning, a classic and casual outfit for the afternoon by Woodrich, and an elegant and almost “British style” outfit for the evening by Jeckerson. My favorite one? All of them!

Whether you are already there or you are going to visit Verona (but not only Verona, since all “Pellizzari” shops can be found all over Italy ), go and visit these wonderful stores, where you will have the chance to do some real interesting and classy shopping!  👔 😎

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