The T-shirts with quotes are a very funny and versatile trend, which will last during all this year and even more. Magazine, blogs and journals already proposed many outfits with this garment as centerpiece. But please note that the quotes T-shirts are not all the same!  This is the reason why I would like to recommend you this Italian firm, which creates unique T-shirts: TellThem. Their TT-shirts (inspired by the name of the company) are minimal and essential, yet chic, modern, and beautifully finished with elegant print, absolutely not bulky. The strength of those T-shirts is the sense of the quotes: straightforward, ironic, and absolutely frank. This is the reason why their motto is “Tell Them The Truth”… these quotes are small truth that shouldn’t be told to everyone shouting, but shared as an elegant whisper.. They are moods that describe who you are and make you inimitable.

The slim fit and the lightness of the fabric make this T-shirt perfect worn alone or even matched with a cardigan or a blazer.

Visit the website of ThellThem and seek for the best quote for you, you will find for sure the perfect one which reflects your mood … I’ve done it already! 😀👕






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T-SHIRT: TELLTHEM (click here)