During the summer time I love to get tan, having a darker skin tone makes me look like a different person and I really like it! Sun is an extraordinary source of pleasure and wellness, but it has to be managed with caution and prudence. This is the reason why every Summer I choose Collistar and its suncare products to protect and moisturize my skin and for speeding up the tanning process. They have been my selection for many years. Collistar products continue to evolve every Summer and this year I picked up five products which are perfect to me.

INTENSIVE ULTRA-RAPID SUPERTANNING FACE TREATMENT: A unique product, this revolutionary tanning treatment accelerates and strengthens your tan thanks to the synergy of Unipertan®, oleoyl tyrosine, beta-carotene and carrot extract, enabling you to tan very quickly, even when the sun is not very hot. The version for the face is enriched with watermelon extract which protects the DNA of the skin cells, guaranteeing a strong anti-age action.

SUPERTANNING MOISTURIZING MILK SPRAY FACE-BODY: Combines the practicality of a spray with an absolutely cutting-edge formula that guarantees an intense treatment and an ultra-fast tan. Rich in Vitamin E and betaglucan, which have an energizing and anti-age effect, and precious moisturizing and nourishing substances, it keeps the skin soft and smooth even after extensive exposure to the sun. Fresh, highly absorbent and water resistant, it is the ideal sun product for sports people. Recommended for both face and body. 

MOISTURIZING TANNING SPRAY: Transparent and extremely fresh, thanks to the 360° nozzle it is easy to apply to the whole body. It penetrates the skin right away and dries immediately leaving the skin soft, elastic and moist. Anti-sand and water and sweat resistant, it is ideal for sports people and can be used on face, body, hair and scalp. 

AFTER SUN SHOWER SHAMPOO MOISTURIZING RESTORATIVE: Neutral and ultra-delicate, it gently cleanses and leaves your skin smooth and your hair silky thanks its special mix of substances with emollient and restorative properties. Extracts of henna and walnut shell help to preserve your tan and make it last for longer. For this reason it is advisable to continue to use the product after you return from vacation. 

GLOBAL ANTI-AGE PROTECTION TANNING FACE CREAM: A high-tech formula that protects your cellular DNA thanks to a watermelon extract, and which prevents the formation of sunspots thanks to an active ingredient extracted from kumquats that controls anomalous skin pigmentation. It guarantees a stunning tan, despite having a very high SPF. The cream is perfectly absorbed as soon as it is applied and smoothes and protects the face. Day after day it guarantees a luminous tan, maintaining and enhancing the skin’s youthfulness. 

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