Tie rules

Today, I wanted to give you a few pieces of advice regarding ties, how to wear them, what to avoid, the most suitable neck ties for different knots, colors for every occasion and other small but crucial details that will make you impeccable! 👔😉 1) The length of the tie must never exceed your belt; it has to be directly proportional to your height. If you are wearing high-waisted trousers with suspenders or a waistcoat, look for shorter ties. 2) The width of the tie must never be lower than 8 cm or exceed 9 cm. The only exception concerns knit ties, whose length should be between 6 and 7 cm. 3) The back of the tie, the smaller piece, should never be longer than the front. If this happens often, you either need to improve the way you do your knot, or the tie is too short. The same can be said when the back of the tie exceeds the front. Perfection is achieved when the two parts are more or less the same length. 4) Avoid excessively big knots, elegance is also given by proportion. 5) The lighter the tie, the more comfortable it will be around your neck. 6) Loosening the tie knot is not elegant and should never be done. The knot should be tight and adhere perfectly to the collar. 7) Never wear a light-colored tie at night, light colors are more suitable during the day. Intermediate colors can be worn till the sun goes down, and dark colors are appropriate for the night. 8) Never wear the same tie two days in a row; silk, along with the inside of the tie, must rest. When you take your shirt off hang it immediately or place it on a flat surface. Never keep it rolled it will loose its original hang. I hope these pieces of advice prove themselves useful! You should especially check out this complete guide, written by me on Zalando to discover the most famous tie knots, step-by-step tutorials on how to create them and when to show them off! 😀👌 GIAN zalandotie-zalando