How many times, after a business or pleasure trip, we arrived at the destination with wrinkled suit or shirt in the luggage?! Thanks to the garment bag “SKYHANGER” by DEGELER I solved this problem. The strong metallic hanger and the hard bag allow me to arrive at the destination with suit and shirts in perfect condition! Furthermore, if I need to use my Ipad, wallet, phone or the beauty bag during the journey, I don’t need to open the luggage anymore because, thanks to the many pockets (which are also very strong) of SkyHanger, I have everything on hand. The SkyHanger is made of 100% Titanium and the beauty bag is especially made for the Security Check at the airport (since its necessary to carry liquids & cosmetics in a clear see-through bag). For my future trips, I cannot do without it anymore! 👌 👔 💼 👞


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