Since the opening of the blog, I have been asked numerous times to be testimonial and ambassador for brands’ campaigns. It’s always a pleasure, something that thrills me and makes me proud. This year, for the whole of 2016 and beginning of 2017, I will be global testimonial for the Vespa Eyewear campaign! 1946 was the year in which the first Vespa came out of the Pontedera factory. For its 70th anniversary, a new captivating and lively campaign has been launched, one that celebrates, in a mix of tradition and innovation, the history of a vehicle that symbolizes Italian design and elegance. A Made in Italy eyewear campaign, that blended futuristic material and curves with elegant and classic lines, the same ones that made Vespa scooters a favorite, with more than 18 million models in five continents. To celebrate a legend, symbol of freedom, the younger and dynamic Vespa Primavera, the innovative and fashionable Vespa 946 and the timeless Vespa PX have exclusive frames, that recall the retro charm and design of the three segments. Colored, mirror or fumé lenses. Classic, retro or leading frames, for everyone’s needs. 😎 GIAN Gian-maria-sainato-gianmaria-vespa-eyewear-occhiali-vespa-campagna-campaign-2015-2016-sunglasses-00001 Gian-maria-sainato-gianmaria-vespa-eyewear-occhiali-vespa-campagna-campaign-2015-2016-sunglasses-00002 Gian-maria-sainato-gianmaria-vespa-eyewear-occhiali-vespa-campagna-campaign-2015-2016-sunglasses-00003 vespa-eyewear-occhiali-vespa-campagna-campaign-2015-2016-sunglasses-00002