Autumn has come, a beautiful season full of changes, not just in the environment, but also in the wardrobe!

While I was getting prepared for the new season, I decided to get out some garments from my wardrobe that I could wear according to this Autumn’s trends, including: grey checked jacket, white shirt, vintage denim and sneakers to match them, in perfect style, with my new TIMEX Fairfield Sub-Second, in order to complete the look in the best way, and in order to add both a touch of colour and a simple and modern vibe. The second outfit also follows the trends of this fall season: dark blue pinstriped jacket, grey t-shirt, ochre orange velvet trousers and white sneakers. This look is more casual than the first one: for this reason, I decided to wear another gorgeous watch from the new Timex collection, and the MK1 Aluminum fits perfectly with this outfit, in order to create a more sporty style than in the first one, and also to perfectly match the colours of the watch with the shades of the look. 👌

Try thinking about both outfits without the watches: they would look a bit “incomplete”. This is the reason why watches are a very important accessory in our lives, not just to complete your look, but also to remember to #TakeTime. ⌚

What I love to do in Autumn, is enjoying a walk through the streets surrounded by trees. It is my favorite activity when I need to relax. I like letting my thoughts carrying me away and reflecting, while the urban noises are overwhelmed by the sound of wind, falling leaves, rain and the smell of the fireplace: Autumn. 🍂





WATCH 1:  Fairfield Sub-Second

WATCH 2: MK1 Aluminum